What’s Included?


What is included in a Garden Room?

We pride ourselves on offering a premium product constructed from extremely high quality materials, therefore the below is offered as standard on all of our garden rooms. However, as we provide a totally bespoke product, all quotations will be based on your exact specification and can include much more.



Swift System concrete plinth foundations
Swift plinths offer a speedy, cost effective and eco-friendly alternative to standard concrete foundations; they use 95% less concrete than conventional slabs and are 100% recyclable.

Galvanised plate to underside of timber raft
A simple method to prevent and deter rodents from entering the pod.


Timber raft
The raft is built using 147mm x 75mm c24 grade timber which is fully treated and constructed to take extremely heavy loads if needed. 

The walls are constructed using 125mm x 47mm c16 grade timber which is fully treated and totally sustainable.

High performance membrane
A high performance breathable membrane with a unique single-layer technology which is vapour-open, yet watertight; this helps protect against condensation, moisture and air infiltration on external walls.

Timber batten
The batten is 38mm x 25mm treated timber which is fixed over the membrane to create a ventilated cavity allowing the pod to breathe; this reduces the possibility of the pod sweating.

Timber roof
The roof is constructed using 147mm x 47mm c16 grade timber and an 18mm ply roof sub structure.

EPDM rubber membrane
Firestone EPDM is a high performance synthetic rubber membrane with a 50 year life expetency. The EPDM membrane is resistant to UV radiation and high and low temperatures; it is also easily recycled.


Western Red Cedar cladding (Grade 2 and Clear)
Imported from British Columbia, this stunning sustainable wood needs little maintenance and will weather beautifully over time. An extremely high quality timber that will enhance the overall look of the pod and compliment any surrounding areas.

Anthracite aluminium windows and doors
Using the Smart Ali System ensures a long-lasting, durable and contemporary finish.

Green sedum roof 
A living, self-sustaining product that offers a wonderfully diverse appearance of both colour and texture. It provides fantastic thermal and sound insulation as well as offering a microclimate for birds and insects. It can also last longer than a conventional roof.

Aluminium upstands
All upstands are made from aluminium profiles which will provide long lasting and visually beautiful trims.

External protection
Osmo UV Protection Oil offers an added layer of protection against harmful UV rays. This also helps protect and enhance the natural colours of the cladding. The natural oils penetrate deep into the wood, keeping it flexible and preventing the wood from drying.


Fully insulated floors, walls and ceiling
Ply sub flooring is fixed to the timber raft with a layer of DPC (damp proof course) inbetween. 90mm rigid Celotex insulation board is installed throughout; this exceeds the u-values required under part L of the UK building regulations. The walls and ceiling are then polythene lined creating an additonal vapour barrier.

Plasterboarded, plastered and decorated walls and ceiling
The walls and ceiling are fully boarded, plastered to a smooth finish and then decorated in a colour of your choice.

Floor finish
Oak engineered flooring with matching solid 100mm pencil round skirting creates a sleek and stylish finish.


Fixtures and fittings
Includes quality brushed chrome LED spotlights, light switches and wall sockets throughout.

Fully tested electrical package
All electrical work is fully tested and certified to part P building regulations.

Power supply
A choice of power connection is offered to either your main electrical supply or solar panels.

What is included in Commercial Pods?

For all commercial bespoke projects please contact us for further information.

Email mypods for more information

What is included in a Beach Huts?

As all Beach huts are unique both in design and location, sometimes in very remote locations with limited accessibility, after extensive consultation each is priced individually. Please contact us for further information.

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