Frequently Asked Questions


“Are all of your pods bespoke?”

Yes. We do not offer a catalogue of standard pods but tailor-make each and every one to each client’s individual specification.

“What can I use my garden room for?”

A garden room can be used for any means whatsoever, the pod is your oyster! The most common uses are as a home office, home gym, games room, art studio, playroom, music room, cinema room, treatment room, snug, pool house or as an annexe; however, feel free to contact us about any ideas you have and we can advise accordingly.

“We’d like to replace our current beach hut, can you tell me more about your beach huts?”

All of our beach huts are totally bespoke and designed to fit your current footprint (or amended if applicable). They are constructed to withstand the harshest of British weather and are able to be used all year round. All interiors are designed to maximise the internal space and can be planned to each client’s specific needs. Please contact us directly for further information.

“Will I need planning permission?”

We do try to ensure that all of our pods are designed to fall within ‘permitted development’ and therefore in the majority of cases you will not require planning permission. However, the final size and location of the pod and curtilage of your site will determine whether planning permission is required.

“Will my garden room need foundations?”

The Swift Plinth comprises of a grid work block which sits in the ground and is then backfilled with gravel, this block evenly distributes the load above. On top of the grid work block an interlocking concrete base stone and top stone are centred, fixed into the top stone is a heavy gauge steel bracket which is attached to the timber raft. This system also allows air to flow freely under the pod floor. However, if you already have a suitable existing concrete slab we are happy to use it as a foundation.

“Where is the pod built and how long will you be on-site?”

This is entirely dependent on the size of the pod and whether we construct the pod on-site or deliver as a complete unit (dependent on accessibility). If building on-site our installation team is usually on-site for 10-14 days; if built in our warehouse and craned into position, we allow 2-3 days on-site to complete.

“Can my garden room have underfloor heating?”

Yes. Underfloor heating can be installed as an optional extra but in most cases this is not a necessity as all pods are extremely well insulated.

“How will power be connected to my pod?”

We offer two options of connecting power to your pod, either to your main power supply or to solar panels installed on the roof of the pod.

“Can I have a home cinema installed in a garden room and will it be secure?”

All garden rooms are built to be as secure as any home or office and therefore a vast array of equipment can be installed inside. We work in partnership with Pure Home Technology who are specialists in creating home cinema and media rooms and will ensure your project is completed to the highest standard.

“How long does the whole process take?”

In many cases, where planning permission is not required, we aim to design, deliver and install your pod within 6-8 weeks.

“What deposit is required and when is the final balance paid? “

We require a deposit of 40% of the quoted price with a further 40% payable during the final stages of installation and the remaining 20% payable within 7 days of your pod being completed.